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7 Standards for Friendship: Standard Five

Standard Five: It has to be Mutual 

We’ve all felt like the unwanted, uncool little sister who was the last minute invite but no one really wants her there. (My little sister rocks, sorry if I ever made ya feel that way kiddo.) Anyways, that feeling is the worst, but sometimes, we just keep showing up and feeling that way anyway.

Friends should be mutually excited to talk to one another, to be with one another, and eager to open the door wide and welcome each other inside no matter the time of day. 

You shouldn't feel like you have to beg someone to be your friend. If you do feel that way, they probably aren't going to be that great of a friend anyway.

I’ve met people who I thought seemed awesome before, and then I feel like I have to chase them around just for a quick conversation and they don’t always seem super engaged or interested in getting to know me.

Not everyone wants to be my best friend (shocking, I know) and if they’re making me feel less than awesome by the way they make me feel like I’m an inconvenience or not worth spending time with, that’s my cue to stop showing up. 

Just like your mom used to say when you were busy chasing around that boy in middle school who had no interest in dating you but just wanted to play soccer with his friends,

be with someone who equally wants to be with you. It’s true with your love life and it’s true with your friends. 

People who are worth spending your time with will make a mutual effort to spend time with you.


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