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All About Me

You’ve always dreamt of writing a book, making a full-time income from your blog, and connecting with your audience, you’re just overwhelmed and frustrated with the process of getting there…


You started writing because you care about words. You believe that the craft of writing is a calling.


But you’re stuck drinking way too much coffee, sitting in your home office staring at the wall, sending out query letters with no response and wondering what you’re doing wrong while balancing a million other to-dos.

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Paper Diary

You dream of writing

But instead you're...

-Struggling to make progress. You have notebooks full of dreams but nothing else to show for it.


-Staring at a blank page. You know you want to write, but actually doing it? That’s the hard part.


-Confused. Very, very confused. Maybe you’ve written a full project, you’ve hit a word count but you don’t know anything about the publishing industry aside from the mixed opinions you find on Google. You need someone to help you navigate the next best steps for you.


-Worried you’ll make the wrong choice or never accomplish the work you long to devote your life to.


-Afraid it’s not even possible. Do writers even make an income? Is it a possibility for you?


-Bored. Maybe you’ve done the writing thing for a while now, but it’s lost the joy and excitement you once had around it.

Writing a Book

We've all been there.


There isn't a certain path that works for every writer, and those Google searches that leave you feeling like you’re missing the secret sauce everyone else has are lying to you.

Here's the catch...

Library Bookshelves

We all have unique goals for our writing.

What is a hobby or craft to one, is a profession or income producing activity to another.


Discovering your goals for your creative career with a coach allows you to start on a path toward being obedient to the creative calling on your life.


Together, we can find the best next steps that will uniquely equip you to be the writer you’ve always dreamt of being.

Work Desk

What we can accomplish together


Bringing clarity to your hopes and dreams


Discovering specific, manageable goals


Creating a roadmap that takes you from feeling stuck to making progress


Diffusing the stress & anxiety you feel so that you can focus on actually doing the work

Limit the stress & discouragament along the way and choose the simplest way to do what you love

Introducing Creative Coaching Services

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"The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time."

-Mary Oliver


What is a coach?

Think of me as your guide on the creative journey. I'll ask lots of questions, cheer you on, and equip and empower you.

I believe you are the expert of your situation, I'm just here to help provide clarity and direction so you can crush your specific goals.



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Here's what our coaching relationship will look like...

We will meet virtually and discuss your big, crazy, audacious goals. I want to hear about the New York Times bestseller, the book tour, the things that keep you up at night.


Then, we will work backwards and start with where you’re at. Together, we will evaluate your present frustrations and see what changes we can make.


As a unique artist with individual goals, our time might be spent discovering a path to greater time management, creating a writing routine that actually sticks, working on an outline or book proposal, navigating the mindsets that keep you stuck, or finding glimmers of hope and joy for the writing journey that may have been lost.


As the saying goes, "What you put into it, is what you will get out of it."

It’s my goal to see you thrive as the writer and creative you’ve dreamt of becoming, and that begins with your commitment to the coaching process.

So, what's next?


We will connect for a fifteen minute discovery call.
Here we will evaluate what you hope to accomplish through the coaching relationship & evaluate what package will be the best fit for your gaols. I want to hear about your dreams, problems, and everything in between. Bring your questions!

Then, we’ll make it official…like changing your relationship status on Facebook official.

Service Levels for Every Stage...

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What people are saying...

Mandy Johnson Headshot.jpg

Mandy Johnson, Writer

Working with a writing coach, specifically with Molly, has helped me stay accountable to my writing goals. Life can get chaotic and busy, but knowing I had a coach in my corner cheering me on helped me stay motivated to keep writing. I've made measurable progress toward my writing goals since working with a coach, and would highly recommend working with a coach to any writer!


Abigail Kent, Writer

My coaching experience with Molly was a delightful microcosm of transitions taking place in my heart and life. Molly's gentle, reflective questions provided me the opportunity to boldly adopt the identity of a writer and 

embrace strong, successful writing rhythms. She offered me a wonderful framework for growth in both my personal and writerly life. I would recommend Molly as a writing coach to anyone who is looking for a source of great clarity and encouragement.


Meredith Boggs, Author of "The Journey Home"

Working with Molly as a coach took my writing career to the next level! With her expertise & experience, she helped sharpen my writing skills and overcome mindset obstacles that landed me a book deal with my dream publisher! 

Working in Office

We may not work well together if...

-You have a specific work or project you want tangible feedback and editing services on (Ask me for my referrals list if this is you!)


-You aren’t prepared to put in the work outside of our time together to make progress.


-You’re looking for someone to do the work for you. You aren’t willing to get your hands dirty and make sacrifices for your creative vision to come to life.


-You generally think you have it all figured out and don’t want someone else to weigh in on your ideas. “Who needs feedback?”


-You don’t think art, writing or creativity is a spiritual matter. You don’t think it connects to your soul at all and you just want to pay someone to get you from point A to point B while ignoring anything internal that might be impacting your work.

Image by Hannah Olinger

We are a perfect fit if...

-You have always dreamt of this creative work. You plan on making progress outside of our calls and want guidance, inspiration, and clarity along the way.


-You are devoted to this work. You are willing to do everything in your control to make your creative dreams a reality.


-You are a lifelong learner. You are hungry to move beyond where you are currently and ready to dream even bigger.


-You believe as Julia Cameron writes, “The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.”


-You believe your creativity is deeply intertwined with your mindset, thoughts and emotions. You’re willing to do the inner work to create better outward work.


Still have questions?

Book a free 15 minute discovery call to ask them, it's easy.

The Bottom Line:


If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels tirelessly and to start making progress, we should chat!

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