Let me introduce myself...

Hey! I’m Molly. I live in Franklin, TN (just south of Nashville) but I am originally from the Chicago suburbs and I will never pass up a good piece of pizza. 

I graduated with a writing degree from Taylor University, where I met my husband, Jackson. We graduated early, got married, and ran off to the Colorado Rocky Mountains to start our life together and chase dreams together.


After a year in the mountains, we settled into our life in Nashville with our mini goldendoodle puppy Finley. I’ll never say no to a fancy brunch, but I also can guarantee I’ll hike a 14er faster than you. On the blog you’ll find past devotionals, travel tips and hacks, and real life stuff like contemplative prayer practices and book recommendations I can’t stop talking about.


I’m a full-time daydreamer, writer, photographer, adventure enthusiast and theology nerd.


I write everything from poetry, to devotionals and Bible content, to instagram captions and copy for brands. I’m in my element when I’m stringing words together to communicate effectively. If you’re looking for someone to help communicate your vision or capture your story, find out how to work with me here. 


My “passion project” is the free weekly devotional I drop into your inbox!


It is the thing that keeps me up at night, pulls me off the couch and away from the drama of The Bachelor, and makes me lose track of time and forget about whatever I put in the microwave a few hours ago. 

Whether you’re waiting in line for your flat white at your favorite local coffee shop or scrolling through your messages wrapped in a cozy blanket in the morning, I hope you look up from your phone feeling equipped and purposed to live the life God has called you to live with boldness and bravery. 

We are leaning into the promises of God, living purposed, equipped, and brave today.

Let’s forget the fluff and get to the good stuff—the saving news of the gospel, and the power and authority we have access to. Let’s shift our mindsets to the kingdom in the midst of the mundane.

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