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What To Expect From the Newsletter

I deliver God’s Word in a weekly newsletter so it is top of mind and on the top of your inbox. It has scripture, a devotional, journaling prompts, and a prayer. It’s about action; it’s about kingdom impact and purpose. I want you to look up from your phone feeling equipped, purposed, and ready to walk into your day with boldness and bravery. 


You’ll find it in your inbox Monday morning, and you’ll be reminded to shift your eyes to the kingdom of God as you begin your week. I don’t want watered down ministry. I don’t want a nice Instagram caption or a catchy slogan. I want the truth. I want the gospel. I want and I need a supernatural God.


I want the kingdom of heaven to invade the earth, and I also want to be a part of it. My guess is that you do too. 


Whether you’re in the middle of starting a business and trying to figure out how to pay your taxes, or navigating an uncertain journey towards who God called you to be when you can’t even figure out how to meal plan, you’re welcome here.


By making space for the Father in your inbox, I believe you will walk into your week with a clear, kingdom focus.


Let’s shift our mindsets to the kingdom in the midst of the mundane.

Let's connect + chat about your kingdom impact

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