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3 Ways to Make Room for God in your Mind

I’m a planner, and there’s nothing I love more than making progress I can see towards my goals. But I am very aware of the amount of space I have in a day. 

We all have to make trade offs throughout the day. The laundry stays unwashed in the hamper, but the rough draft gets another round of edits.

The website gets a little upgrade, but there’s no time to cook dinner and we find ourselves in the Chick-fil-A drive thru yet again. 

This is also true of our thoughts. Just like our days are limited by time, we only have a specific amount of space in our minds. Our minds are limited. 

How can we make sure what we are filling our minds with is making us more holy, instead of filling our minds with distraction, doubt, or fear?

Seek First the Kingdom

Jesus’ advice to us was to not be anxious about the worries this world might bring. We aren’t meant to spend our time wondering if we will be provided for, if we are taken care of, or about whatever uncertain circumstance you might face. 

Instead, He tells us to seek first the kingdom, and all of these things will be added to us. I think that battle is often starting in our minds. If our thoughts aren’t on the kingdom of God, then how will our actions be a reflection of it?

Start to make room for God in your mind by prioritizing your thoughts by what takes priority in the kingdom. 

Know Truth & Call Out Lies

We can’t call out lies of we don’t know the truth. The easiest way to discern the truth is to be in the Word daily. Then, when our thoughts start to wander and doubt, fear, or uncertainty start to sound convincing, we can remind ourselves of the truth.

Have you ever met someone who seems to know the appropriate scripture to mention in every conversation? I’ve always loved being around those people. But we also need to become those people for ourselves. 

When our thoughts are being challenged by things that aren’t of God, we need to recognize those things. Then, we need to replace them with the truth we find in who God is and in His Word. We need to claim back that space in our minds.

Set Thought Boundaries 

Do you know what draws your mind away from things of God?

Maybe it is the constant updates of political news. Maybe it’s watching the COVID count go up that makes your mind drift towards fear and a sense of helplessness. Maybe it’s looking at Instagram and letting your mind wander to thoughts of wanting what others have. 

Whatever it is for you, notice. Then set a boundary. Just like we need to set boundaries with people in our lives, we need to set boundaries in our thoughts.

Take away the things that might trigger unhealthy thoughts for you, and then use that space in your mind to listen, encounter, and glorify God. 

Becoming more like Jesus isn’t limited to acting more like Jesus. It means we need to start thinking like Him too.

I think that means prioritizing the kingdom in our thoughts, letting our thoughts abound with truth, and setting boundaries with things that invite unwelcome thoughts in. 

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