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5 Books that have Shaped my Faith

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There are so many incredible books to read and so many resources to learn more about God and what being a disciple of Jesus is all about.

So, here are my absolute top picks of books to read that have significantly shaped my faith in no particular order...

God is Good: He's Better than you think by Bill Johnson

One of my all time favorites, I quoted this book in this blog post. He isn't afraid to call out Christian culture, to ask the hard questions, and by the end, I was more convinced and certain of the goodness of God than ever before. The entire book is rooted in scripture and Bill Johnson's life in ministry. I would hand this book out to everyone I know if I could.

Garden City by John Mark Comer

This book made me a huge John Mark Comer fan. It shifted my view of heaven, which in turn shifted my view of how to live now with heaven in mind. He talks about work and rest, which are both still a part of his main message to the world, and he's such an engaging communicator. Comer explores the balance of work and rest from the garden (eden) to the city (our world now) and shifted my attitude and relationship with work and rest in major ways.

The Beginner's Guide to Spiritual Gifts by Sam Storms

This book was gently handed to me by a mentor who realized I had no understanding or context for new experiences I was having. It was perfect for me, a beginner, who wanted so badly to understand but didn't know where to start. This was the perfect place to be guided through scripture and to find answers to questions I didn't even know I had about spiritual gifts. A bonus fun fact for you: I read this book a few years before I ended up attending the church Sam Storms is a pastor of in Oklahoma City for a summer. I trust his teaching and would highly recommend grabbing a copy of this book and learning from him.

The Invisible War by Chip Ingram

Another excellent tool, this book first explains "spiritual warfare" one of those Christian buzz words that sometimes we don't even fully understand, and then gives tools and action steps to actually use. You're likely already facing spiritual opposition. This book will help you to recognize it when it comes, and to know how to engage.

Surprised by the Voice of God by Jack Deere

This book was my introduction to hearing God's voice. When I began hearing God's voice I wanted to understand what that meant, how to discern it, and why Christians don't talk about hearing from God enough. It's a great book if you are asking yourself about hearing the voice of God, or maybe you, like the title have been surprised by the voice of God. My only warning with this one is it's a long book, not exactly the kind of book you can bring to the beach.

If you ever need suggestions on where to look for answers to something you're asking about your faith, please ask. I've read so many books on my own time, in my Bible classes in college, and I think everyone should ask questions and dig for the answers, even if we never find them. If you are more of a podcast person, don't worry, that blog is coming soon...


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