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7 Ways to Limit Quiet Time Distractions

There are so many reasons why spending quiet time alone with God is a challenge. Maybe you feel like we don't understand the Bible, maybe you feel like we are just too busy and can't find the time, but my guess is that one reason outweighs every other reason why you aren't finding time or fulfillment in meeting with God.

It is simply that you get distracted.

Something I think is really crazy and I'll probably have to write a lot more about is that we are SO obsessed with getting attention (someone please go double tap my last IG post!) but we can't pay attention.

Or if we can, it's for a very limited amount of time.

Mary Oliver wrote, "Attention is the beginning of devotion." To love God, to be devoted to God, we have to pay attention.

Here are some easy ways to start:

1. Turn OFF your phone.

I get it, I check every time I get a notification too. "What if it's important?" It's probably not. Turn it off, and put it away. It's pretty simple once you start doing it.

2. Make a plan.

If you know the kinds of things that distract your time with God, notice the patterns and try to plan around them.

3. Read out loud.

If you try to count to ten in your head and say your name out loud at the same time, you'll notice you stop counting and just say your name. You can't think about something aside from what you're saying, so read out loud & pray out loud!

4. Write.

Not on your computer, because that could be distracting, but physically write down the scripture you're reading or your prayers. Bonus points for having to slow down while you write the Word.

5. Change your scenery.

Find a space that isn't distracting for you. If you always end up throwing in that next load of laundry because you just can't help it, maybe your quiet time needs to be at a local coffee shop or at a quiet spot in the backyard. Create a "prayer closet" that isn't distracting for you. (My husband reads his Bible in our guest room bathroom sitting by the bathtub, it works for him...)

6. Don't try to multitask.

Plot twist: all of the research tells us that multitasking is a myth. Don't tell me you can multitask, because I know you can't. God deserves your FULL attention, so give it to Him.

7. Wake up early.

Not a lot of people need you early in the morning, and distractions are naturally pretty limited at that time. There's no FOMO at 5 am.

Have you found another way to limit distractions in your quiet time with God?


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