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Are you waiting on God to burst through?

Updated: Jan 7, 2021


“Now when the Philistines heard that David had been anointed king over all Israel, all the Philistines went up to search for David. And David heard of it and went out against them. Then the Philistines went and made a raid on the Valley of Rephaim. And David inquired of God, saying, ‘Shall I go up against the Philistines? Will You deliver them into my hand?’ The Lord said to him, ‘Go up, for I will deliver them into your hand.’ So they went up to Baal Perazim, and David defeated them there. Then David said, ‘God has broken through my enemies by my hand like a breakthrough of water.’ Therefore they called the name of that place Baal Perazim.” 1 Chronicles 14:8-11

Baal Perazim, the God who bursts through, is one of my favorite names found in the Bible. It reminds me, especially as I read this story, that God bursts through. It’s not just something He does, but it’s who He is. 

There are endless things we can learn from David, but to keep it simple, I’ll only focus on a few. David was facing an enemy, the Philistines. Maybe you feel like you are up against something today. Maybe it’s a circumstance or difficulty of life, or maybe you have a sense of the spiritual battle you might be facing today.

Maybe your enemy is looming, strong as it approaches in the distance, like David’s was. You might feel a little bit of anxiousness about the battle you’re facing, or you might be filled with fear. 

I imagine David felt all of those very human things as he prepared to face his enemy. David sets a beautiful example for us in first asking God, should I go do this? Then God answers and says yes, giving David confidence that the battle is His and He will win the battle. What David says after the battle is most fascinating to me. He says, “God has broken through my enemies by my hand like a breakthrough of water.”

  I’ve heard of God as the God who bursts through before. I have known God to be a God of breakthrough in my own life, but what hits me differently in this passage are David’s words, “by my hand.” 

Sometimes, we can swing too far in the direction of thinking we are the ones doing things, when really we can’t accomplish anything without God. We have to be careful to not let that pride slip in. But, as believers, I think we often stray too far to the other side, and we forget that God wants us to take action too. 

He is the God who bursts through, He is the one who brings breakthrough and that’s truly only something God can do. But, He wants to do it by my hand. He’s inviting us into breakthrough. He’s inviting us into a deeper, more intimate, and more courageous relationship with Him. He doesn’t just bring the breakthrough for us if we are sitting in the battlefield watching the enemy approach and proclaiming, “God’s got it!” He's inviting us to participate in the battle, so we can also participate in the victory when He brings it.


We actually have to do something.

We can’t just excuse God’s inaction in our lives, or the lack of breakthrough in our lives, as us waiting on God. What if God’s waiting on us?

Now, look to David’s example before he took action. He didn’t just flippantly choose this battle and run at his enemies. He sought the heart of the Father. He had a relationship with God, and He depended on God’s voice and God’s answer to go into the battle. I've heard it been said before that "God doesn’t have to pay for what He didn’t order."

In other words, sometimes when we step into something that isn’t ours, God doesn’t bless it because He didn’t order it. Sometimes, He blesses it anyway because He’s good and gracious to us. The outcome of the battle doesn't clearly tell us what is or isn't God's will for us. It has to come before we enter in to it, it has to start by seeking His heart and then taking faithful steps of obedience when He asks us to.

Are you facing an enemy today? Submit that battle to the Lord and seek His heart for you and for it. If He asks you to move, move. If He asks you to wait, wait.

Follow David’s example by submitting your decisions to prayer with the Father, and then faithfully moving in obedience however He asks you to.God’s character does not change. He is the God who bursts through, and He can bring your breakthrough. Maybe, it seems like your breakthrough isn’t coming yet because God is inviting you to be a part of it, and maybe, He’s waiting on you to take action and step into the battle He is prepared to win for you. 

Journaling Prompts:

-Is there a battle you’re facing? Seek God’s heart for decisions on how to move forward.

-How do you sense God leading you today? 

-How have you seen God bring breakthrough in the past in your life?


Thank you Lord for being a God who bursts through. Thank you for your invitation to us to take part in the battle that you are equipped to win. Guide us with your Spirit as we seek your heart for how you want us to move forward, and equip us with the courage to go boldly in whatever direction you call us to. Amen.

Action Step:

Do you know a friend who is facing a battle? Send them a text reminding them that God is a God who bursts through. Tell them you are praying they will see God burst through today! (And pray!) 


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