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Be Specific in your Prayers

Scripture: “It shall come to pass that before they call, I will answer; and while they are still speaking, I will hear." Isaiah 65:24 NKJV

Do you ever wonder if God hears your prayers?

A few days ago, I prayed something that was so weirdly specific, there was no possible chance that I could consider the answered prayer to be a coincidence...if it even was answered.

I scribbled it down in my journal, closed the journal and shoved it alongside my Bible in a little alcove in our coffee table. Then I stood up, completely forgot about what I had prayed for and went on with my day.

Until God literally did exactly what I had asked for.

My jaw straight up dropped. This is embarrassing to share, but I didn't expect God to move. I really didn't think it was that important. I prayed in a haphazard "it would be nice if..." kind of way, and God showed up. And like I said before, it was weirdly specific.

This was not the kind of prayer you share at a small group. This was the kind of prayer that makes people's eyes get big and look at you like you're crazy. Honestly, I was even embarrassed to write it down, but since my journal is pages full of these weirdly specific prayers that stay between me and God, I did.

When the specific answer to prayer came, I was shocked, and then super embarrassed.

Have you ever prayed for something and then been surprised not because God didn't answer your prayer, but because He did?

I was shocked because God showed up, and embarrassed because I didn't think He would. I didn't think He heard my prayer, and I was surprised that He both heard it and responded, and in the same day in such a specific way.

The Word tells us again and again that God hears our prayers, but do you believe Him?

On that morning, I don't think I did. I don't think I realized that the words in Isaiah were true, before I had even called out to God, He was making plans to answer.

There's a saying that people often mention in the church about how we should ask ourselves if all of our prayers were answered, would anything change? I always think it's so convicting to be reminded that if we really believe prayer changes things, then we should pray things that would change things.

In the Circle Maker by Mark Batterson, he talks about how God doesn't answer vague prayers and he encourages you to pray specific prayers. I lived that out a few days ago, and can personally tell you that praying a specific prayer worked.

It gave God the opportunity to show up in an unexpected way, and to make Himself known to me and to everyone watching by answering such a specific prayer.

There was no coincidence in question.

So what's on your prayer list today? What would happen if your prayers were all answered today? Would you notice a change? Would you know it was God who answered them?

Reflect on any vague or general prayers you might be praying, and refine them. Make them specific and detailed, and believe that God is already in motion answering them as you pray them. Then, email or message me when He does.

Journaling Prompts:

-Reflect and write about a time when God answered a specific prayer in your life.

-How do you know or recognize that God is listening to you as you pray?

-Do answered prayers surprise you? Why?

Action Step:

Reach out to your prayer warriors. Share one specific prayer you are believing and asking God for, and invite them to be a part of the testimony when God answers it.


God, thank you for being attentive to me and for listening to me when I call out to you. Give me the courage to approach you with bold, specific prayers this week. Help me to remember that you hear me and that you are moving to answer my prayers. Amen.

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