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Bible Gateway's new Grace & Truth Study Bible Review

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

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As a #BibleGatewayPartner I received a free copy of their new Grace & Truth Study Bible to review. If you're looking for a great study Bible as a resource for reading and studying the Bible, this might be the perfect fit for you.

Lately, I've gotten many questions about how to study the Bible and where to go when you come across something in the Word that doesn't make sense or sounds unfamiliar. I've always recommended having a good study Bible on hand, and this one is wonderful.

It is the NIV (New International Version) which is one of my go-to Bible translations. I think this version is highly credible and easy to read.

The Grace & Truth Study Bible was made to emphasize those two things: God's grace and the truth of the gospel message. The study notes found throughout the Bible are consistently pointing reader's back to those two things.

What I love about this study Bible in comparison to others I've used in the past is that it is so easy to understand. The notes for further study aren't overwhelming. They are easy to read and comprehend and perfect for a quick note to further understanding without leaving you with too many questions or wondering if you're missing anything.

These notes are always directed toward the the focus on grace & truth. They highlight themes throughout a certain book of the Bible, provide context, and share references to how a verse fits into the entire Bible story.

If you haven't used a study Bible this one would be a great one to start with. It makes the Word of God feel accessible, easy to read, and provides more depth and further study than simply reading a passage alone.

It can become easy to get distracted when spending time researching a verse. It can be difficult to know the credibility of an online resource when you're just doing a general Google search. Having a physical study Bible on hand takes out a lot of the guess work when learning to study the Bible at greater depth, and this one is both practical and pretty!

Get yours here...

Do you have a favorite tool to use when studying the Bible?


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