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Free Prayer Calendar for October!

I made a free prayer calendar for the month of October!

It's pretty simple to use, on each day of October you'll find a topic like "wisdom" and then a Bible verse. My prayers are generally in response to something I've read in scripture, so this is an easy way to read the Word and then respond in prayer. If it says "over your family" then below there will be a verse to pray over your family.

Last week I sent out a survey to my email subscribers (subscribe here) and the feedback was amazing! I asked,"If I could help you solve one problem in your spiritual life, what would it be?" The results were insanely conclusive. Almost everyone put the same couple of topics, and the number one response was needing to be consistent in prayer.

So, I wanted to provide this quick, free resource to help guide you into consistent prayer!

Download it as a PDF from the link below...

Prayer Calendar!-2
Download PDF • 6.50MB

My recommendation is to make it satisfying! James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, recommends to make a habit as satisfying as possible. For me, checking off boxes is SO satisfying. My whole life is organized by to-do lists with check boxes, spreadsheets that I change the colors on the boxes when I finish something, and reminders that I get to delete when I finish tasks.

For me, crossing off days on a calendar is SO satisfying. I thought that same principle could be applied to prayer and might be helpful for you too, so the prayer calendar has been born! I hope you LOVE IT! Feel free to share it with your friends on Pinterest or Instagram!

Happy October and happy praying!

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