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Meet Our New Mini Goldendoodle Puppy!

Updated: May 13, 2020

I am SO excited to introduce you to our #goldendoodle #puppy!

That’s right—it‘s a #dogblog

mini golden doodle puppy with an apricot colored coat in the grass in front of a farm house
Meet our mini golden doodle puppy finley!

How we decided to get a puppy:

Pretty much since the day we got home from our honeymoon I’ve been asking Jackson to get a puppy. When we lived in Illinois, the timing wasn’t right because we were newly weds and moving to Colorado. In Colorado, although we both agreed we wanted a dog, it still didn’t seem like the right timing. Jackson worked long hours as a CPA, and I was working full-time at a marketing job. We both had commutes and we would only really have time to take care of a pup on the weekends.

After being in Tennessee for a while, we both felt like we really could handle getting a puppy and giving it a great home and life. We had plenty of space for a new addition to our family, and getting a puppy was on our goal list for 2020. So, we both were motivated to make it happen. 

Mini golden doodle puppy playing with a bene bone on the floor of an apartment.

How we picked a the mini golden doodle breed:

We picked a mini golden doodle because Jackson wanted a medium sized dog, and I wanted an adorable one. Goldendoodles have the sweet and goofy personality of the golden retriever, but the perks of the non shedding, hypoallergenic poodle. Jackson is the one who is more committed to research than I am, so he found a breeder in Indiana who seemed like a great fit because of all of the work they did for us. Our breeder has lots of health guarantees, a warranty, and even puts in a microchip for us before the puppy comes home. 

Mini golden doodle puppy sitting in my husband's lap while we drive home from the dog breeder in Indiana.

Our puppy also came home with a grooming kit to help us keep her fluffy fur from getting too crazy, and a “snuggle puppy” (a stuffed dog) that smells like her family and has a heart beat to help her sleep through those first tough few nights. 

Holding our new mini golden doodle puppy as we drive home from the dog breeder in the car.

How we picked our puppy's gender:

We also wanted a golden doodle because they are very smart, eager to please, and easy to train! Our breeder didn’t let us pick the gender of our dog. Instead, she had a professional trainer do a personality test on the puppies so we ended up with the puppy who had the best temperament match to our family. I love surprises so I was excited to not get a say in the gender, but to have to find out later. We were so thrilled when we got our puppy stork email and found out we had been matched with our sweet little girl puppy! 

A family photo of a couple with their mini golden doodle puppy outside of a farm house.

A photo of a family with their puppy in a green grassy field with trees.

How we picked a name for our puppy:

We drove from Nashville to the farm in Indiana to pick her up, and we still hadn’t decided on a name. We had a list that we had been compiling, but when we met her none of those names felt right. Soon we landed on “Finley” because it seemed to fit her the best. It’s been almost a week since we have brought our little puppy home and we are so thrilled! Training her, playing with her, and snuggling with her has brought so much joy and laughter into our home. We are so happy to have her as a part of our growing family, and I was so eager to introduce her to you all. 

I hope you enjoy all the photos of our sweet pup and 3 pounds of fluff, Finley!

A great idea for a couple's photo shoot with a puppy.

Meet Finley!

We think we’ve been doing a great job training Finley, but she thinks she’s doing a great job training us. She has been teaching us to enjoy earlier mornings, more frequent time outside, and lots of snuggles!


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