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Worship Songs to Bring into Battle

When I get questions about how to face spiritual warfare, the first thing that always comes to mind is simple and straight from scripture: worship!

When we are facing a spiritual battle, we need to remind ourselves of who is in control. When I start to praise God and worship Him, I'm reminded of who is in control and of how powerful He is. Quickly, my perspective shifts from how big my problem seems, to resting in how big my God is instead.

If you're in the midst of spiritual warfare right now and facing a spiritual battle today, here are some songs to start with...

"Jesus Jesus you make the darkness tremble, Jesus Jesus you silence fear"

"Even when the fight seems lost I'll praise you even when it hurts like hell I'll praise you even when it makes no sense to sing louder then I'll sing your praise"

"When all I see is the battle, you see my victory when all I see is the mountain, you see a mountain moved and as I walk through the shadow, your love surrounds me there's nothing to fear now for I am safe with you"

"You set a table in the middle of my war 'Cause you knew the outcome of it all when what I faced looked like it would never end you said, watch the giants fall"

"Our fight is with weapons unseen your enemies crash to their knees as we rise up in worship when trials unleash like a flood the battle belongs to our God as we cry out in worship"

"Heaven will prevail And strongholds will be moved spirits will be silenced"

"There'll be another in the fire standing next to me there'll be another in the waters holding back the seas and should I ever need reminding how good You've been to me I'll count the joy come every battle 'cause I know that's where you'll be"

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