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"Not Another Christian Parenting Book" Book Review

When Peter Daniel James' new book "Not Another Christian Parenting Book" made its way into my inbox I was instantly intrigued. What he didn't know at the time he sent a request my way to review a copy of his book is that my husband and I were on a mission to find a Christian parenting book.

I just had the most adorable baby on planet earth (ok yes, he’s my baby and my first baby so maybe that’s just my opinion!) about eight months ago and I knew we would get into the logistics of parenting quicker than I thought.

Since my husband and I are both avid readers we began to do what we do best–read and research. Most Christian parenting books focused on the same themes: having grace for your kids, focusing on God’s love, and other big ideas that felt at best encouraging and at times allusive and a bit confusing.

Most parenting books we read were very vague in the actual implementation of parenting faithful kids.

This Christian parenting book was a pleasant surprise for taking a different approach.

Instead of focusing on the themes that most Christians would simply say “yes and amen” to James focuses on being very practical in his approach.

The format of the book is perfectly designed to work through with your spouse or as a small group.

The amount of reading is short and manageable even for a nonreader to take on. The information is presented in a way that’s easy to understand and easy to implement into a parenting strategy whether you’re new to the game like me with my eight month old or in the thick of it with older kids.

Big ideas like God’s love are addressed in this book while also commenting on nuanced topics that most parents wonder how to approach like handling technology with kids. James includes questions, guided meditations, mantras, and scripture.

Overall, this was a refreshing and insightful read for Christian parents. If you’re looking for a manageable tool to shed light on the blessing and burden of raising Christian children find it here.


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