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5 Habits to Help you Thrive in your Faith | Christian Life Toolkit

There's a Christian influencer who posts these gorgeous videos on Christian morning routines and Christian habits. Everything she wears is new and trendy, the atmosphere is always perfectly bright and airy and the food and coffee she eats looks nothing like anything I've ever managed to make at home.

In the comment section I see so many comments where people are longing for their lives to look like hers with luxury lattes and matching work out sets. Many are asking if she has a job or if she has kids because they feel like they are just barely making it by and adding daily prayer walks to their to-do list sounds overwhelming instead of encouraging.

My goal is to share a list that feels attainable in every life stage and in every circumstance.

These 5 habits will help you thrive in your faith this year:

  1. Spend consistent time in God's Word

To thrive in your faith spend consistent time in God's Word. In busy seasons this might be a short amount of time or a creative way of spending time in God's Word. It could be an audio version of the Bible on the way to work or keeping your Bible at your desk for lunch breaks. Whatever it takes to be in God's Word consistently, do this diligently and you'll reap the benefits of being spiritually fed by the bread of life.

2. Keep a Kingdom focus

Keeping a Kingdom focus is a habit that is an overflow of your consistent time in God's Word. As a Christian it's easy to get caught up in the worries of the world when we don't let God shift our focus. Let the perspective of heaven be the perspective you look on your life with as you stay fixated on what God has for you each day. "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well" (Matthew 6:33).

3. Praying continually

We never find instructions in the Bible to pray before meals but we are reminded to pray continually, to pray about everything, and to have an active prayer life. You might not have a picture perfect prayer life that allows for an hour of intercession daily but again, get creative with your prayer life. Create an active prayer life by journaling your prayers, praying throughout your day, and praying alongside other daily activities like driving or cooking.

4. Doing life together

A fact of the process of sanctification in the Christian life is that you can't become more like Jesus in isolation. We need other people and creating a habit of gathering with other believers to encourage one another in your faith is so important. I think this goes beyond just attending your Sunday local church services which often only require the usual smalltalk. Get in a community of believers where you pray together, walk together, and ride the highs and lows of this life together.

5. Serve others

Something that is almost always missing from the Christian habits/routine videos online is this one. I've yet to see a Christian content creator find a way to work "dying to yourself" into a cute Instagram post or quick TikTok video. But again, your faith will flourish when you make yourself gentle and lowly as Jesus described Himself. Create a habit of serving others and you will thrive in your faith.

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