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7 Standards for Friendship: Standard Four

Standard Four: Dishonest People are Never Worth It 

Do you remember what it was like when you were in highschool walking quickly down the hall where your best gals were waiting, and you only had three minutes to figure out what had went down in the courtyard when you saw your other friend talking to her ex? 

Remember those whispered tones and the quick sentences of hot goss and then how you’d shuffle into your seat in History class and think over all the possible situations that would have led to that situation? Then at the ring of the bell you’d hop up and out into the hallway and somehow, in the forty minutes everyone was in class the story had already completely changed?

Yeah, well, I remember high school and can I just say I am so over it. Can you imagine a world where we all started talking to people instead of talking about them? 

Honesty moves friendships forward.

Even the really tough conversations that keep us up at night wondering what the other person is going to think or going to say. We have to take the chance, and we have to be honest in our friendships.

Open and honest communication only ever results in growth, whereas deceitful and dishonest communication will only result in destruction. 

I’ve been on both sides of the hard conversation before. I’ve been the one saying something I would really rather shove in the back of my closet like the shoes I always think I might come up with a reason to wear. I’ve also been the one hearing something really hard, that I didn’t want to hear. 

Let’s be open and honest in our communication with each other, and let’s give each other a lot of grace on both ends.

Sometimes, it helps to just start by saying, “this conversation is going to be hard.” Because it might be, but honesty is essential in friendships and it moves friendships forward. 


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