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Book Review: Kingdom Driven Leader by Joshua Jarvis

Last year I sent out some polls over on the gram asking if you'd read book reviews. You asked for them, so this is the first one of 2022!

Kingdom Driven Leader was the perfect fit for my current season of launching my coaching business. As someone who has always been fascinated by business, I love reading all of the big business books. But looking at business from a kingdom perspective is so different.

My husband and I are both called to this area. I remember driving home from church one day talking about the sermon with him. On this particular Sunday, I remember our pastor was talking about worship and prayer and had shared a lot of his personal routines.

On our drive home my husband confessed, "I honestly wish we could hear that message from someone who doesn't work at a church."

It left us both with more questions than answers, because in my husband's office job from 9-5 Monday-Friday, he couldn't imagine how my pastor's schedule would work for him. For me, being a full-time creative entrepreneur it also looks really different. (Hey, 6 cups of coffee & obscure work schedule!)

This book answers those questions from the perspective of someone who is in the business world but wants to make a kingdom impact.

One of my big takeaways was thinking about how we can run or be a part of a business that is "successful" but not "significant."

The business I dream of is one where God is fully present in every decision, and it is both successful and significant. Not just to the world and my community, but to the kingdom of God.

I think a lot about the legacy I'm creating, and running a successful business is a great thing. But even more than that, I hope to leave a legacy of kingdom significance.

"Kingdom Driven Leader" is rooted in biblical evidence about how to lead with kingdom impact. It applies to the 9-5 employee as much just as much as the social media influencer. Joshua Jarvis intertwines biblical examples with modern ones and personal ones, keeping the book engaging and easily relevant to our personal businesses or dreams for future businesses.

Also–you know I'm big on getting practical. This book checks that box for me too! He doesn't just tell you what to do without telling you how to do it. I walked away from it with new knowledge and very real action steps I can implement in my life ASAP.

It was a very refreshing read and I'd recommend it to anyone who wonders what impact they could have in their role at work and anyone who desires to leave a lasting impact on the world with how they spend their time day to day.

Check out Joshua's website and get your copy here!


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