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Do my prayers really make a difference?

Do my prayers really make a difference?⁠⁠


Intercession (a fancy word for praying for others) is powerful.⁠⁠


So powerful, I think the enemy tries to get us to not use the power of prayer in our daily lives by convincing us that our prayers aren't *really* making a difference.⁠⁠


When we can't see the power of our prayers, it can be tempting to believe this lie.⁠⁠


But your prayers make a difference! We need them (I need them) so don't stop praying!⁠⁠

✨Your prayers have power because of what Jesus accomplished for you on the cross⁠⁠

In James 5:16 we read, "the prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to be reckoned with." In other translations, it will say the prayer of a "righteous" person is powerful. As a believer, your belief and commitment to following Jesus is what makes you a righteous person. This can give you confidence that your prayers have a big impact. Your prayers are powerful because Jesus died and rose again, so those prayers have the power of Jesus' resurrection behind them.

✨Prayer requires perseverance & is a tool for spiritual warfare⁠⁠

In this letter to the church, we read that "prayer is essential." Not only is it a key tool to be used in the spiritual battle we are still in, but it's also shown in this instruction that we are meant to pray for others. We're told to pray continually, to pray for others, and to keep our eyes open, or to stay attentive to what is going on in the world. Our prayer life should be a direct response to what we see and sense happening around us, and it requires persistence and attention.

✨Your prayers witness to others and demonstrate the power of God to those who might not know Him yet⁠⁠

I love how this passage includes the dialogue where we hear the king say, "pray to your God." He didn't believe in this God, but the king was willing to ask to experience healing and the power of this God. I think God is ready to show off a bit when we ask Him to, so I think our prayers should be ones that create an impact for the kingdom of God when they're answered. Prayer gives us the opportunity to witness to others. Praying for things around people who don't yet know God, give God the opportunity to reveal Himself to them and demonstrate His power. Your prayers make such a big difference that living a lifestyle of prayer could simply cause someone else to meet God for the first time.

✨Praying corporately moves heaven & brings spiritual solutions to physical problems⁠⁠

Prayer moves heaven. When the church prayed together for Peter while he was in jail, heaven moved. An angel came down to Peter and drastically changed the circumstance he was in. When you pray, you are inviting spiritual solutions to come and change the circumstances of physical and natural problems in the world.

⁠⁠✨Prayer overcomes difficulty! Ask for prayer & receive prayer from others

Finally, prayer overcomes difficulty. In the mundane day to day or in the continual face of hardship, suffering, or difficulty prayer is the superpower of Christ followers that gives you the spiritual strength you need to continue when things get tough. Prayer empowers, uplifts, and allows you to persevere in the face of hardship.

What are you praying for in your community or in the world today? 🙏🏼

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Claire Whitcomb Greene
Claire Whitcomb Greene
Sep 26, 2022

I particularly loved this one Molly! Sometimes it feels like God's in control and knows what’s going to happen anyways. These scriptures are the perfect reminders that change can happen through pray. What a wonderful God we have that He listens to us intently.

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