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10 Journaling Prompts to Increase your Faith

"Nothing is impossible with God." Luke 1:37

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Journaling Prompts:

1. Write about a time in your past when you faced an impossible situation & God showed up.

2. Can you think of a biblical narrative where someone faced impossible odds? How was God present in their situation?

3. How would you describe your faith?

4. When faced with a difficult or a circumstance that feels impossible what is your natural response?

5. When faced with a difficult or impossible circumstance what would you want your response to look like?

6. What prevents you from having the response you wrote about in the previous question?

7. How can you remind yourself of God's truth, God's character, and God's ability in those circumstances?

8. Write yourself a reminder of God's past faithfulness in your life that can help remind you that He will be faithful in the future.

9. What is one answered prayer or experience you've had with God that reminds you of His unlimited ability? (If you cannot think of a personal experience, write down a story from the Bible or a story you've heard from someone else's life.)

10. Write out a prayer asking God to increase your faith and to remind you that nothing is impossible with Him.

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