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Best of 2021 Blog Posts & Journaling Prompts for the New Year

Happy new year!

2021 was full of lots of highs, lots of lows, and lots of in between moments.

I'm so grateful for the growth I've experienced personally as a writer, follower of Jesus, and now writing coach. This year I'm shifting my focus to writing & coaching other creatives full-time. If you'd asked me at the beginning of last year if that's what I would be doing, I'd probably tell you it sounds cool but there was no way.

If you have a big, crazy dream I hope this serves as encouragement to you too. God might be preparing you right now for a future you don't even have the capacity to imagine yet.

To celebrate the past year, I'm re-sharing my "best of 2021" aka the blog posts that you read the most.

These were the top 5...

Journaling Prompts for the New Year:

-What is one thing God taught you in 2021 that you want to carry into the new year?

-If you could focus on one thing in the new year, what would it be?

-What do you want to focus on praying for in 2022?

-Write out three prayers God answered in 2021? Were His answers expected or a surprise?

-What gift did God give you in 2021 that you're most grateful for?

-Is there anything that left you feeling disappointed in 2021? How can you release and surrender that to God?

-Has God given you a word or vision for the new year? Write it out.

-What adjectives would you use to describe the last year? What adjectives do you hope will describe the next year?

-What is something you're proud of from the past year?

-Who is someone who made an impact on your life in 2021? (Consider thanking them!)

Happy new year, I'm so glad you're here.

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