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5 Reasons to Start a Blog Today

Spoiler alert: it isn't!!

In case you still aren't convinced it will work for you like it did for me, or maybe you have different goals then I do, I wanted to provide five reasons you should

start a blog today!

1. Write More

The simplest reason to start a blog is so that you write more. If you love to write, even if you don't consider yourself a writer, blogging gives you a space for your words. Maybe no one will ever read them aside from your mom and your creepy Facebook friend that you have no idea how you got connected with, but at least you'll be writing.

Most writers I meet with as an author coach struggle to overcome perfectionism. If you need to defeat those constant "am I good enough?" thoughts, start blogging. Blogs can be edited, they can be deleted, and just posting will leave you with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction as you tell perfectionism to sit down and shut up.

Writers write, so start with a blog.

2. Get Connected

Humans are funny. We are often really self-focused, and we assume that just because we are thinking about something everyone else just knows. It's not the case. No one is really thinking about you or noticing you all that often. Psychologists call it "spotlight effect."

When you start blogging about your passions, people will start paying a little closer attention.

You're inviting people to notice things they might not have noticed before. Suddenly, they'll think of you as the local coffee shop expert, the friend who knows all about breath prayer, and the one they should ask for podcast recommendations.

Before your blog, they probably won't pay attention. But when you start blogging, you'll start getting to connected to people who are just as obsessed as you are with your gardening tips or marketing strategies.

3. Get Rewarded

Maybe your mind went straight to money, and that's cool. Making an income from your blog is totally possible and a great pursuit. In this case though, I want you to focus on the fact that blogging is simply rewarding.

Sharing about things that you love in the form of a blog is rewarding.

You'll find a sense of fulfillment start sneaking up on you and hanging out with you on the day to day as you show up on your blog. You've suddenly found yourself a really fun hobby, and the people who used to roll their eyes won't matter because you find value in the process of creating.

It's simply rewarding.

4. Share your Passion

Blogging is the perfect platform to start sharing your passion. Whether it's God's love for others or a helpful mindset tip, your passion will find a home in your blog.

Blogging is essentially throwing a dinner party without having to cook so you can sit down with a glass of wine and talk about that one thing you wish everyone else what let you continually ramble on about.

You get to throw yourself the dinner party every week and invite people to show up. The people who show up are the ones who lean in at the table you invited them to and ask, "can you tell me more about that?"

To which you reply, of course, and find yourself blogging even more...

5. Discover your Voice

Finally, number five! This is possibly the most valuable part of writing from a growth mindset. We are pretty busy people. We don't really get a lot of time to sit down and listen to what the voice on the inside is saying. A lot of our lives are spent reacting to calendar notification or babies crying.

Not on your blog! On your blog, you get to sit and listen to yourself. Slowly there's this blogging personality, this part of you that was always there that gets awakened. Writers and creatives call it "finding your voice" when you get to play around and find the most authentic voice you have.

It might not come through in the first five blog posts. Maybe not even in the first fifty. But as you blog, you're on your way to finding it. It's fun and it's valuable.

Even if you aren't a writer, blogging allows you to get to know yourself better.

Interested in learning more about how to start, grow and produce an income from blogging?

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